The original theme for FailedExE was designed by Leopold Pegna specifically for FailedExE. Unfortunately the old theme doesn’t work so well with newer mobile devices (responsiveness or lack-of) and current search engine practices. Therefore I had to utilize a new blog theme and modify it to suite my needs. 



David Leach started failedexe in the early 2000's. He hacked, gamed, reviewed, and wrote under the name "3x3mpt" "Exempt". At the height Failedexe had 60k subscribers and over 150k unique visits monthly. Due to numerous DMCA, MPAA, and RIAA lawsuits.. and eventually the blacklisting of majority of (revenue generating) failedexe links from Google, FailedExE was taken offline in 2013. Failedexe came back online in 2019. Cheers!


  • Bud1615 says:

    Legit. Glad you’re back.


  • EddieAttam says:

    HOOOOLY SHT! I was clicking through old bookmarks cleaning them out and remembered failed exe was down the last time when I clicked the link AND NOW ITS BACK ALIVE! I LOVED your old site man!! I used your adobe suite crackall pack throughout college those were some broke days lol! I went through some posts and its seems like you haven’t finished the site but pushed it live? Anyways good to see you back man you were the best!


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