Getting some of the old blog content onto this new site. Because of the “hacker” nature of the old website and the amount of litigation I was always under, I never uploaded the videos to youtube with an email that was directly associated with me, and being it as is, I use a minimum of 16 digit randomized passwords with any account I setup. Simply finding a youtube video by the name is a difficult task, specially when (some of) the content is many years old. After some dedicated time I was able to locate and retrieve the original Useless Box review. Which made me ask myself….what did I ever do with that thing?

I wrote this post a few weeks ago when I found the original video. I spent a few minutes looking through “the box” to see if it was tossed in there. Everyone has “the box”, it’s a box stuff with all your computer room shit, old mice, dongles and doodaa’s to shit, USB sticks, glorious sticky keyboards and of course, lots and lots of wires.  I suspected it wouldn’t be in there as my internal psychology would never allow me to place something so scratchable inside a box filled with objects that could scuff it, but never-the-less, a search was entitled. I spent 5 minutes digging through the box and decided I must have lost it.

A week later I am having lunch in Marina Del Rey with a friend of mine, Hugo Bordes, and we begin to discuss failedexe. He casually mentions, “you know I still have that Useless box, it’s siting next on my desk next to my editing rig”. I cracked up laughing.

“I just recently looked for it, thought I had lost it or it was stolen”, I said.

You can't have it back, you gave it to me, even though it's useless, I love it because you made it

Hugo BordesFailedExE

“You can’t have it back, you gave it to me, even though it’s useless, I love it because you made it“, Hugo said.

His simple words struck a thought process in my mind. The box was literally useless. In the name itself “useless box” it defines it’s own worth. You press a switch, it turns the switch you just pressed, back off. Hugo solely valued the Useless box because he valued my time. Something I had written off as being lost was being carefully preserved by a caring friend.

“I don’t want it back mec, but it makes me happy you kept it”, I said.



David Leach started failedexe in the early 2000's. He hacked, gamed, reviewed, and wrote under the name "3x3mpt" "Exempt". At the height Failedexe had 60k subscribers and over 150k unique visits monthly. Due to numerous DMCA, MPAA, and RIAA lawsuits.. and eventually the blacklisting of majority of (revenue generating) failedexe links from Google, FailedExE was taken offline in 2013. Failedexe came back online in 2019. Cheers!

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