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No iphone 5 , 4s only

Iphone 4s vs iphone 4
Iphone 4s vs iphone 4

The iphone 4s released today

I was hoping for “One more thing”, reaaaally hoping for it. I thought that it would make Tim Cook shine for his first major announcement as the official CEO of the big A, but nope…it didn’t happen.

The iphone 4s is available for pre-order this Friday and ships on October 14th, only a week later, which shows how well coordinated Apple played this hand with it’s carriers and distributors.

The new features on the iphone 4s are:

  • A5 dual core processor (the same as what is currently in the ipad 2)
  • Dual core graphics processor which offers up to 7x the performance of the iphone 4 (A4 chip)
  • Improved battery life (by a couple hours)
  • Improved wireless controller that allows the antenna to automatically switch between optimal signals, allowing better call and data performance.
  • CDMA & GSM in one phone
  • 8 megapixel camera with a backside-illuminated sensor and five-element lens for better picture quality (photos up to 30% sharper) – signal processor allows automatic face detection, also it works faster than previous camera and squashes the competition on speed.
  • Airplay-Mirroring – allows you to mirror what you see/play on the iphone 4s screen and a Airplay enabled TV
  • Siri- voice activated assistant that can numerous voice recognition tasks. Siri can set appointments, read and respond to texts, plot directions, define Osmosis, etc.

All US major carriers have the iphone now as well (except Tmobile), Sprint joins the gang with same launch dates as the other carriers.

*I do have to mention, looking at the Events display of iphones shots, it looks like the iphone 4s is wider, anyone else notice that? It’s not, it uses the same sized display but I thought it was odd that they stretched it.

Below is a comparison of the iphone 4s vs the iphone 4:

Iphone 4s compared to iphone 4

Iphone 4s compared to iphone 4

Keep in mind you also have the rollout of iOS5 and it’s slew of new features but those of us waiting for an iphone 5 will have to wait until June of 2012 for a new redesign.

-David Leach

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  1. Simone says
    March 14, 2014, 5:37 pm

    Well apple nor att covers peornsal damages with the iPhone protection plan. That means if you drop it lose it, or inflict any damages to it. Their warranty only covers software and some hardware problems.

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